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For years Pheoll Manufacturing (Pheoll Fastening Systems) was the premier fastener distributor in the upper Midwest, providing top notch service to its customers. Unfortunately, sometimes great companies come to a sorrowful end.


With the departure of Pheoll came the arrival of Schroer Bolt, dedicated to rekindling the essence of that once great company. We have brought together the best of the old Pheoll team and are ready to provide you with the same personal service that was once Pheoll’s trademark. We here at Schroer Bolt prefer to say, “New company, new name, whole new level of service with that old-time, friendly, family feel”.


How is that possible?


The Schroer family has a long history with Pheoll. Al Schroer started as a truck driver with Pheoll in 1931, and retired in 1972 as the president of the company. Bob Schroer started as an accountant in 1962 and had become VP and CFO of Pheoll until his untimely death in 1994. Over the next 9 years, Pheoll slowly lost its focus on the family business values, and sadly its dedication to customer service and satisfaction.


During that 9 year period, Pheoll’s new owners focused their attention elsewhere, but there was still a dedicated team of “old-timers” working their hardest to maintain the proven customer service methods. Unfortunately, without support from the top, it just wasn’t enough to keep the business going, and Pheoll Manufacturing closed their doors in March of 2003.


I am Andrew Schroer, and the fastener business is in my blood. Al Schroer was my grandfather, and Bob Schroer was my father.


My company Schroer Bolt is committed to bringing back the legendary service and satisfaction of Pheoll. I have brought on board many of Pheoll’s long time employees who are just as committed as I am. My team includes Jim Pass, with over 47 years at Pheoll, heading up our Purchasing Department; Denny Voss, with over 30 years at Pheoll, assuming control of our South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and southern Minnesota sales operation; Jay Bergeron, with over 25 years at Pheoll, assuming control of our Midwest Region sales operation including Minnesota and Wisconsin; and Nathan Bidwell, one of Pheoll’s top sales performers, as our new Sales Manager. This is truly a team that knows how to do it right.


I welcome you to the best service, best prices, and highest quality fastener solutions in the industry. The Schroer Bolt commitment is truly one of customer service and satisfaction that is only remembered as the “good old days”.




Andrew Schroer

President / CEO

Schroer Bolt



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